Honoring Our Departed
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The memories of those who have gone on is a precious treasure. None were perfect, all were successful. Hebrews 13:7 reads,
Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

Leaders and non-leaders form wonderful examples for us to mold our lives and determine to remain faithful to the end of our sojourn.

These pages will allow their stories to last a little longer and to be an example to more people than stones in a seldom-visited cemetery.

Nancy Bergman   Ron and Nora Bergqist   Harold Boyd   Ethel Kelty Brown   Evelyn Smith Coloff   Nellie Copley   Berdie Mae Dailey   Roy Dodd   Sam Fich   Ray Freeman   Terry Fuller   Laura Gorton   Dean Grammon   Kenneth Holsinger   Rosie House   Hazel Jones   Larry & Joyce Jonas   Norm Kittleson   Carmine Lee   Stacy Marriott   Zelma May   Vivian Miller   Joe Nelson   Cordie Sharpe   Perry Smith   Vivian Smithline   Dorothy Snelson   Glen Snogren   Archie & Myrtle Stewart   Betty Stewart   Wilma Kennedy Stewart   Virgil Stonecypher   Mert Stoner   Sally Stoner   Gerry Turner   Steve Van House   Charlotte Weldon