ACTS, the book
Part of The Northwest College of the Bible Online Library site.     Most authors presented here take Acts 2:38 at face value.

These items are in the public domain or have been released to the public by their owners. Files are in .pdf format unless otherwise specified. All .pdf files have been optimized for fast opening.

  Acts Made Actual by Don DeWelt. 1961. 416 page book. About DeWelt

 Acts of the Apostles by J.W. McGarvey, 1872. John William McGarvey was an outstanding Bible scholar, teacher and college president. His commentary on Acts is now a classic among the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. 279 pages. About McGarvey

  Acts volume of People's New Testament by Johnson. PDF format. 83 pages. 1891. About Johnson

 Acts 2:38 in 293 Translations. William E. Paul. 30 pages. About W.E. Paul.

Acts 2:38- A One-page Summary of Translations. By Dr. Hoyt W. Allen, Jr.

Immediate Immersion. Charles Dailey. 2009

Speaking in Tongues and Other Miracles. John Battle. 2007. 8 pages.

  From Jerusalem to Rome - A Commentary on Acts. This 262 page commentary by Charles Dailey uses An Understandable Version by William E. Paul.

  Investigating the Word of God: Acts by Gene Taylor. 2007. 34 pages. Offsite. Includes 28 1-page lessons on Acts with questions, key people, places, and word matching.

  13 Lessons on Acts - Vol. 1. Wallace Wartick. 86 pages. About Wartick

  13 Lessons on Acts - Vol. 2. Wallace Wartick. 89 pages. About Wartick

  St. Paul, The Traveler and the Roman Citizen. W.M. Ramsey. 165 pages. 1895.