Revelation, the book
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Books listed here are free of the very popular Dispensationalism. See the Wikipedia article for more information.

  The Wonder Book of the Bible by Lee G. Tomlinson 394 pages.

  The Book of Revelation by John T. Hinds 317 pages. About Hinds

  The Seer, The Savior and the Saved by James D. Strauss 400 pages.

  Revelation: A Panorama of the Gospel Age by Fred Miller. This is a link to the web site. 404 pages. About Miller.

  Vision of the Ages by B. W. Johnson 360 pages. About Johnson

  People's New Testament - Revelation by B. W. Johnson 505 pages About Johnson

  The Book of Revelation in Missionary Perspective by Alger Fitch. 1990. 112 pages. Our use of the
    text is with the express approval of Dr. Fitch. About Fitch

  Short Chronology of the Roman Empire. Lynn Thorndike. 6 pages.

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbons 3154 pages.
      Volume 1       Volume 2       Volume 3       Volume 4       Volume 5       Volume 6      

  The Fall of the Roman Empire Volume 1 by J.C.L. De Sismondi. 1834. 323 pages.

  13 Lessons on Revelation - Volume 2. Paul T. Butler. 292 pages. About Butler

  A Study of Premillenialism. Gene Taylor. 29 pages, 8 lessons. Offsite.