Pentateuch - The Books of Moses
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  Every Chapter in the books of Moses is available as a free MP3 download on this offsite link.

  The World and Literature of the Old Testament John T. Willis, editor. 1979. 378 pages.

  The Genesis Baseline Charles Dailey. 4 pages.

  Who Wrote Genesis? Paul Hughes. 12 pages.

  Genesis -The OT Bible History. Alfred Edersheim. 1890. 116 pages.

  Genesis Volume 1. C.C. Crawford. 1978. 622 pages.

  Keil and Delitzsch on Genesis. 607 pages.

  An Old Universe but a Young Creation On Earth. Charles Dailey

  Inspired Writers Endorsed Genesis. Charles Dailey.

  Genesis 1 - 11 Mythical or Historical? by Bert Thompson. 2001. 15 pages.
      The article describes the views held of the authenticity of Genesis.

  The Gap Theory Wayne Jackson. 1 Page.

  Table of the Ages. Ralph Smoot.

  The Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Bryant Wood.
     Dr. Wood presented this 55 minute lecture at Ozark Christian College. About Wood

  Joseph and Jesus Compared. Charles Dailey

  Egyptian Chronology Chart. Unknown source.

  Endorsements of Exodus. Charles Dailey

  The Route of the Exodus and the Location of Mt. Sinai. Bryant Wood.
     Dr. Wood presented this lecture at Ozark Christian College. He argues for a different location for Mt. Sinai, but not in Saudi Arabia. About Wood

  Exploring Exodus. Wilbur Fields. 1986. 862 pages.

  The Jewish Holidays. John Parsons. Offsite.

  Endorsements of Leviticus. Charles Dailey

  Chart of Leviticus. Ralph Johnson

  Leviticus. Don DeWelt. 1975. 522 pages.

  Endorsements of Numbers. Charles Dailey

  Numbers. Brant Lee Doty. 1973. 422 pages.

  Endorsements of Deuteronomy. Charles Dailey

  Deuteronomy. Bruce Oberst. 1968. 460 pages.

  The Authorship of Deuteronomy by J.W. McGarvey. 1902. 347 pages. About McGarvey

  The Authorship of of Deuteronomy. Joseph Bryant Rotherham. Six pages embedded in another document. About Rotherham.