Old Testament Prophets
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These items are in the public domain or have been released to the public by their owners. Files are in .pdf format unless otherwise specified. All .pdf files have been optimized for fast opening.

Commentary on Isaiah. Fred Miller. 1999. About Miller.

  An Exegetical Commentary On Lamentations. James Smith. 2006. 33 pages. About Smith

  Ezekiel James Smith. 273 pages. 2002. About Smith

  Daniel by Paul Butler. 490 pages. About Butler

  Daniel Commentary by Charles Dailey. 111 pages.

  Daniel in the Critics Den by Robert Anderson, Attorney. 1895. 129 pages.

  The Prophecy of the Messiah Prince by Dallas Meserve

  The 70 Week Prophecy by Fred Miller About Miller.

  Jesus and Jonah. J.W. McGarvey. 1896. About McGarvey

  Obadiah, Joel, Jonah, Amos, Hosea. Paul T. Butler. 1968. 620 pages. About Butler

  Micah to Malachi. Clinton R. Gill. 1988. 432 pages.

  Commentary on Zechariah. By Fred Miller. About Miller.