Bible Writing and Transmission
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These items are in the public domain or have been released to the public by their owners. Files are in .pdf format unless otherwise specified. All .pdf files have been optimized for fast opening.


  Who Wrote Genesis? Paul A. Hughes. Did the prophet Moses compile Genesis from 11 earlier documents?

  Massoretic Text History. H.S. Miller.

  The World and Literature of the Old Testament. John T. Willis, Editor. 378 pages. 1979.

  Reason and Revelation. Robert Milligan. 1868. 457 pages.


  Second Thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls. F.F. Bruce. 1956. 101 pages


  New Testament Evidences. Wallace W. Wartick. 210 pages. 1975.

  The New Testament Documents – Are They Reliable?. F.F. Bruce. 77 pages.


  Isaiah from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Unroll it with your mouse.

  Great Isaiah Scroll Directory. Fred Miller. 2008. Includes English translation. About Miller.

  View the Sinaitic Manuscript. Many portions are on line.

     VERSIONS 1 - Classical.

  The Development of the English Bible. W.E. Paul. 1997. 38 pages.

  Curiosities in Bible Editions. 2003. Typos, tpyos. W.E. Paul.

  Wycliffe. 1384. The first complete English Bible. Our copy is typeset from an early
     hand-written edition and is searchable. About Wycliffe.

  Tyndale - Matthew Fragment. 1534. The first printed English New Testament.
     Tyndale was burned at the stake for this. About Tyndale.

  Tyndale. A very readable online version. About Tyndale.

  King James Version. These are scans of the original 1611 edition. Matthew to Acts are included. About KJV.
   Check your King James Version against the original copy.

     VERSIONS 2 - Related to Churches of Christ and Christian Churches.

  Restoration Movement Translations. W.E. Paul. 1996. 5 pages

  The Book of Isaiah. Fred Miller. About Miller.

  Living Oracles. Alexander Campbell. 4th Edition. Campbell led the way in breaking from the KJV.
      Baptize=immerse. For an excellent overview and commendation of the translation, follow this link. About A. Campbell

  Living Oracles. Alexander Campbell. 1860 Edition. Baptize=immerse. About A. Campbell

  The New Testament Translated from the Original Greek. H.T. Anderson. 1866 Revision.
      Baptize=immerse. Comments by Anderson in Millennial Harbinger of 1864. About Anderson.

  Emphasized Bible - Old Testament. Joseph B. Rotherham. 1904. File has damaged pages. About Rotherham.

  Emphasized Bible - New Testament. Joseph B. Rotherham. 1897. Baptize=immerse. About Rotherham.

  The New Testament from the Sinaitic Manuscript. H.T. Anderson. 1918. About Anderson.

  Introduction to the George Swann Translation of 1947

  Fred Miller's Revised King James Version. Used with the Mr. Miller's permission. About Miller.

  The New Testament: An Understandable Version by W.E. Paul. V.3, 2005. 638 pages.
      Used here with the author's permission. Baptize=immerse. About W.E. Paul.
  This is a version of the New Testament Scriptures with notes and comments in brackets, within the text, to help make the inspired message more understandable. It is intended primarily for its translator, his family members, and a few persons interested in Bible translations.
  Geographical places are located, cultural circumstances are explained, monetary references are calculated, historical allusions are cited and some obscure concepts are briefly commented on, all within, but distinguished from, the actual text of the New Testament. The idea is to make the Scriptures understandable.


Hermaneutics + Essays. Alexander Campbell. 1835. 407 pages.

Hermaneutics. D.R. Dungan. 1888. 239 pages. About Dungan

  The Gradual Unfolding of the New Testament Scripture by Charles Dailey. 2010. Seven pages.

  Discrepancies of the Bible . John Haley. 1874. 490 pages.