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     Ancient History - -

  Annals of the World. James Ussher. Many disagree with Ussher, but here he is.

  Herodotus of Halicarnnassus

  The Works of Josephus

  The Intertestamental Period. Author Unknown. 18 pages.

     Early Church History - -

  The Search for the Twelve Apostles. William Steuart McBirnie, PhD. The book covers 21 pages on the site.
      About McBirnie

  Historical Quotations on Sabbath / Lord's Day Observance. William E. Paul and Charles Dailey. 18 pages.
      About William E. Paul

  Eusebius - Church History.

     The Roman Empire - -

  Short Chronology of the Roman Empire. Lynn Thorndike. 6 pages.

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbons 3154 pages.
      Volume 1       Volume 2       Volume 3       Volume 4       Volume 5       Volume 6      

  The Fall of the Roman Empire Volume 1 by J.C.L. De Sismondi. 1834. 323 pages.

     Pioneer History in the Northwest - -

  James Garfield: The Early Years. Jerry Rushford. 1997.11 pages.

  Pioneer History. Charles Dailey

  Christians on the Oregon Trail. Jerry Rushford. 1997. 602 pages.

  Making Disciples in Oregon. Clarence F. Swander. 1928. 249 pages. About Swander

  History of the Oregon Christian Convention. Clare Buhler. 1993. 23 pages. OCC website

     Books With Special Influence - -

  That Printer of Udell's. Harold Bell Wright. This book inspired 11-year-old Ronald Reagan's life.

  In His Steps. Charles Sheldon. The second most popular book in the English language.

  What The Bible Says About Civil Government. Paul Butler. 1990. About Butler