The Minnehaha Church
Our links are carefully selected to meet viewer's needs. While we do not endorse these sites (or their links), yet they have been checked to see that they have not removed the need for immersion into Christ for salvation -- placebo salvation.

Understanding the Bible, an extensive site for children. There are stories, games, puzzles and more. Meet Uncle Noah. Link

Family Dynamics has a very useful site that develops the themes of Love, Sex and Marriage. Link.

A survey of the Life of Christ. Link

An outstanding book on Bible prophecy is Nobody Left Behind: Insight into "End-Time" Prophecies by David Vaughn Elliott. We highly recommend. It is available from Amazon.

The e-Sword Computer Bible Program. It is free to download and is among the best programs available. About 40 Bible translations can be added. Link     Scripture texts are available in a number of languages including Chinese and Norwegian.