The Minnehaha Church

Tracts for Download
The tract title is high on the front page for use in racks.
These .pdf pages can be printed on any color printer.
If you want them printed and shipped, contact us for pricing.

Size Features
Abortion 3-panel
Baptism and the Need to Know 3-panel
Original Baptism 3-panel
Before We Eat 3-panel
Dealing With Addictions 3-panel
The Elderly 3-panel
Financial Security 3-panel
God and LGBT Booklet
Just Christians 3-panel
Will We Recognize Each Other in Heaven? 3-panel Heaven will be a grand reunion. We will even know people of other ages whom we have never met.
My Rights as a Believer 3-panel
Parenting 3-panel
Pleasing God 3-panel This stresses that our target is not just avoiding sin but pleasing God. This is a radical change of outlook for many believers.
Sabbath 3-panel Avoids the wordy controversy about the Law of Moses. Shows the purpose of the Sabbath and how it does not apply to the church.
Suicide 3-panel Does not criticize suicide, but points to immediate solutions for the hopelessness.
Revised 8/15/17