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Welcome to our web site. I would love to tell you something about the Minnehaha Church of Christ.

Mike Kennedy

First, we are an independent New Testament church.  We believe that Godís word is sufficient concerning the spiritual needs of people.   We study both the Old and New Testaments because the New Testament is best understood when we understand the Old Testament.   We believe that the Scripture is the Word of God, and it represents the primary authority for the local church.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that salvation is possible through Jesus alone.   Christianity is unique because it is founded in the revelation of God and in His Son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the only way; and the way to Jesus is revealed in Godís word.

The Scriptures teach us that when a repentant person (believer) is baptized into Jesus Christ, all sins are washed away and he/she receives the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I would love to tell you more.  If you would like information about the Minnehaha Church, you may contact us through this web site, write or call us, or better still, come and visit with us as we worship God.

Because He Lives,


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