The Minnehaha Church

We Support Several Fine Missions.

Charles Dailey,
our minister
of Missions
Laine and Christy Johnson are based in the U.S., but plan to move to Thailand soon. They receive monthly support from the church. This is a link to their website.

Other missions that we promote:

   -- The ministry of Gil Contreras in Mexico.

   -- The ministry of Sudan African Mission.

   -- The ministry of IDES.

ervice --
is the only famine / disaster / emergency relief mission that provides a means through which members of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ can help victims, both physically and spiritually, during major disasters.

Physically, IDES provides clothes, food, grain, building materials, medical supplies and anything needed after a disaster. Spiritually, New Testaments in the appropriate language are given, along with the assurance that Christians care. IDES coordinates its work through the existing missionaries and Christians in the areas directly affected by the disaster. Their headquarters are in Kempton, Indiana.

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